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through the lens


create filmed stories using your mobile phone

led by filmmaker ROBERT AITKEN

no previous experience needed


through the lens


create filmed stories using your mobile phone

led by filmmaker ROBERT AITKEN

no previous experience needed



These film tutorial sessions offer an opportunity to broaden your creative lens to develop filmed stories with poetic narratives, explore myth and lore as powerful visual methods of imagining and delve into the roots & craft of poetics in film. They are inspired by the creation of a new ecopoetic film, The Dreaming Bog, by filmmaker, Robert Aitken, which explores our turbulent human-nature relationship.

We are each born with a unique way of seeing the world, a lyrical lens through which our visions and dreams exist from our fears, struggles and responses; expressions of our imagination from prehistoric cave paintings to illuminated manuscripts and street-art graffiti to our posts on social media platforms. These tutorials allow you to unlock your own creative lens of self-expression to create filmed stories using your mobile phone camera.

Poetic voice is a fundamental way to express and share stories and has produced a rich vein of people-place writing, art and craft for centuries. In both the ‘day’ and ‘course’ tutorial sessions you will look over a selection of clips, and written material from ecopoetic sources as means of highlighting our connection to our environment; whether around displaced pasts or present and possible future outcomes. In the ‘course' tutorial sessions there will also be space and time to develop your own story and micro-film with an opportunity to share your completed work.

Easy to understand breakdown tutorials

As well as the poetic and story based aspects all tutorial sessions will include a full set of instructionals on how to get the best out of your mobile phone camera as a filmmaking tool. With the right skills and accessories Scottish filmmaker, Robert Aitken, will guide you through masterclass tips and secret tricks to improve your mobile phone filmmaking skills and help you create stunning results.

Filmmaking Particulars:

• ‘From the ground up’ mobile phone filmmaking training
• Easy to understand tutorials
• Cinematic photography and filmmaking covered
• In-depth look at poetics in filmmaking

• Story vs Narrative debate
• Micro script and story-board development
• Camera movement techniques without expensive equipment
• Online tutorial video reminders
• Free training notes
• Open to people aged 16 years and over

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 17.54.13.jpg

A still from the ecopetic film

The Dreaming Bog
click here to watch the film trailer

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 13.02.03.jpg

Sessions available:

• 2hr tutorial on filmmaking with your mobile phone camera

• 1 x day condensed: Poetic Filmmaking
• 4 x week course: Poetic Filmmaking

Complimentary screening ticket

All ‘day’ and ‘course’ participants will also receive a free ticket to a screening event of ‘THE DREAMING BOG’ in 2023 (dates to be confirmed). All ‘course’ participants are also invited to share their finished work at one of the screening events of the new film, The Dreaming Bog film.


What do I need to attend

You don’t need any specific equipment or technical skills to attend any tutorial session. All you need is a mobile phone camera to start creating your own micro-films. If you are unsure whether your mobile phone is suitable, contact us in advance. All tutorial sessions are aimed and open at all levels of mobile phone camera user.
Please note. If you are unfamiliar using your mobile phone camera app. please do not purchase additional items specifically to attend these sessions.


Tutorials enquiry 

To enquire about booking any session format please send an email here.


© Robert Aitken & Robert Aitken Filmproduction

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