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KILDONAN soundtrack features music influenced by events that took place in the Highlands of Scotland in the early 19th Century, where local people were cleared of their land to make way for Sheep. These events became known as the Highland Clearances. KILDONAN looks at the fierce struggle many Highlanders, whose descendants are now scattered across the globe, suffered in order to eke out a simple existence for themselves and their children. 

"KILDONAN features all new compositions and arrangements by myself in a very personal collection that has been over two years in the making. There will always be a strong link to the legacy of man throughout the ages in my work - how we have adapted to the highs and lows in this technological age, and, how we treat each other and the land we all share. Above all, KILDONAN aims to connect the past with the present in what I do not see as time immemorial, but the ever moving cycle of life as time orbital. Thanks for listening."

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Official stockists of KILDONAN on CD

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Music from KILDONAN has already featured as

Official Soundtrack from 'Scotland’s Clearances Trail' 

Music for the accalimed new short-film 'Last Footsteps of Home' 

Soundtrack to the major upcoming US docudrama 'Voices Over The Water'

'KILDONAN is a breath of fresh Air" 
Guy Perrotta, co-producer of double Emmy award-winning Mystic Voices 


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