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THE DREAMING BOG is an ecopoetic film on Climate Change told through the history and mythology of the Peatbogs of Northern Scotland and the Mires of Finland - an exploration of the punishment and preservation by human-kind on these vulnerable landscapes.
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The film is based on the opening act of an epic new poem by Caithness Makar, George Gunn, 'SIX THOUSAND YEARS OF SUNLIGHT’, voiced and woven into a dreamscape narrative; a sensory journey; an imagining - echoing memory, language, history and our relationship with mother nature’s silent nurturer: The Carbon rich Peatbog.

The Peatbog { Boglach in Gaelic } or Mire { Suo in Finnish } is not only a depository of Carbon it is a repository of human collective history and of memory; ecosystems and evolution - 
A guardian of the planet in the midst of a Climate and Biodiversity crises.

The film is meditative weave of dreams and a beckoning of consciousness where image, poetic voice and music garner ideas of creation, formation and humanity focussing on the Bogs and Mires both locally and globally as a locus of civilisation. The Bog is a constant pulse as the planets head and heart. Listen to heartfelt comment from those who live and work in these fragile environments. Through the lens we are led into THE DREAMING BOG - our hand is held, the space is safe, each vision is individual, each thought progress and healing.

It’s only by disrupting patterns of thought we will survive as a species. Can we be more mindful in the preservation of Earths most precious Carbon Keeper? Can we think towards our human origins, embrace ideas of healing and regeneration so that ecosystems can flourish once more?

What are our dreams - portent or paradigm?

Perhaps it’s time we let our human sunlight sing itself back into the Peat...

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For orgs/venues keen to host a screening event
View/Download the film's vision doc

For media contacts
View/Download the film's EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

- Writer, Producer and Film-maker:
 Robert Aitken
- Screenstory writer:

Alison Stewart
- Caithness Writer, Poet & Playright:

George Gunn
- Mire Trend Project Researchers, Finland:
 Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti & Kirsi Laurén
- UHI Environmental Researcher:
 Magnus Davidson
Archaeologist, Ethnologist, Researcher & Writer:
 Cáit O'Neill McCullagh
- Timespan Heritage & Digital Curator:
 Jacquie Aitken

Graphic Design by Vanessa Atanassov

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© Robert Aitken & Robert Aitken Filmproduction

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