Robert Aitken was born and brought up in the far north Highlands of Scotland. He grew up in the small coastal village of Brora in the 1970’s and 80’s and is a native of Sutherland for many years before setting out to craft his unique pieces of work targeting the human senses.


Projects such as THE TENT, a surround sound installation house in an actual WW1 tent, explored the turmoil of war both at home and the frontline. LAST FOOTSTEPS OF HOME, a short tone poem in film based on the Highland Clearances, looks at the migrants journey in leaving family and home behind. LIGHT CALLER, a short film based on the poem of the same name, seeks out man’s quest to the heavens. KILDONAN, a music soundtrack, was influenced by the events that took place in the Highlands of Scotland in the early 19th century where people were cleared off their land to make way for sheep. He has also collaborated Emmy Award Winning producer Guy Perrotta on the docudrama VOICES OVER THE WATER, providing the majority of the soundtrack. Robert Aitken has also written his own poetry anthology, PAN’S CALLING, which includes various works on the way we treat each other and the world we all share in this digital age. He has also devised and delivered several major education and heritage based projects working with communities and young people around Scotland including; WORKING LIFE TO WAR LIFE, NATURAL ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND’S CLEARANCES TRAIL and ISLE MARTIN TRUST.

Robert Aitken currently lives between North East Scotland and the far North Highlands.


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