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Discover how your smartphone can be a powerful filmmaking tool to help the environment
Mobile phones are now the ‘go to’ pieces of kit to shoot films on the move; with the right skillset and training you can create amazing results. Join Scottish filmmaker Robert Aitken at St. Fitticks as he guides you through these live smartphone filmmaking masterclasses, sharing tips and secret tricks that will improve your smartphone filmmaking.

The St. Fitticks Campaign...
St. Fitticks Park has a small, natural wild habitat serving more than 10,000 residents of the ancient Royal Burgh of Torry. It is recorded in legend that over 1300 years ago an Irish monk set up a monastery to offer salvation to the people of the district. In more recent times, the land around St. Fitticks has undergone several major industrial developments.  A gradual loss of coastal and estuarine land over the years has reduced the wild habitat to a small patch of green wetlands which provides a home to rare plants and birds. Today, the last remaining green space at St. Fitticks is again under threat of development by large commercial enterprises as part of an Energy Transition Zone (ETZ).

Challenging times
St. Fitticks wetlands is the only wild habitat left within the whole district of Torry. Its loss will have a deep impact on the people as well as the wildlife that use it. Since the Covid-19 outbreak there is growing evidence to support the need for accessible outdoor green spaces for socialisation, health and wellbeing. Our green spaces are worth protecting more than ever. Once they're gone, there's no going back!

Smartphone Filmmaking at St. Fitticks
This Smartphone Filmmaking project aims to raise awareness of the St. Fitticks area by offering participants the opportunity to attend outdoor training events to learn how to make films using your smartphone. Participants can choose from a lists of topics that suits your interests as Smartphone Filmmakers. By the end of the sessions you'll be full equipped to get out there and start making your own films. All the micro-films created by Robert will be made available to watch, share and like online on social media. The training is the same at each stand alone event.


Training Summary:
> 10 weekly smartphone filmmaking sessions, May - July, 10am to 12pm
> Free & open to people aged 16 years and over

> First 45 mins: Onsite training in smartphone filmmaking techniques and learning how to record films using a mobile phone

> Next 1hr: Instructional demonstration as filmmaker Robert Aitken records a ‘micro-film’ on one of the topics at each site visit

> Created content will be shared on all social media platforms & archived locally
> Opportunity to learn about filming techniques and the decision processes

> Raising awareness of global land grabs, climate change and what exactly is a just transition
> Commitment to supporting and offering local communities training to develop key skills in digital technology


Free access to support videos

All training participants will get access to a free set of training videos that's accompany this project. Each clip contains an easy to understand instructional component and a practical demonstration all aimed at taking your smartphone filmmaking skills to the next level.

For updates & news of online training events follow Robert Aitken Filmproduction on facebook

Join Scottish filmmaker Robert Aitken at St. Fitticks for live masterclasses that will improve your smartphone filmmaking. Robert’s instructional tutorials will provide a step-by-step guide to creating smartphone films as he documents the history and natural environment of St. Fitticks from earliest times.


follow at:


Exiting Covid:
This project is designed to help people aged 16 years of age exit Covid-19 in a responsible and safe way by following all government guidelines in accordance with lockdown roadmap exit dates and any changes to policy. We are delighted to offer this Smartphone Filmmaking training project to help people get out and about enjoy St. Fitticks green spaces.
> A safe environment with outdoor sessions & non-contact
> Helping individuals and small groups exit Covid-19
> Sessions suitable for vulnerable individuals coming out of Covid-19
> Max 6 persons attending per outdoor session



Training Dates & Topics

May 12 - Legend of St. Fittick (B)
May 19 - The Healing Well (B)
May 26 - History & Heritage (B)
JUNE 2 - Plant Life (B)
JUNE 9 - Bird Life (B)
To Be Confirmed - Wellbeing 
To Be Confirmed - Climate Change
To Be Confirmed - Wetlands

(A) Spaces Available
(B) Fully Booked
Note. All sessions are from 10am to 12pm

How to Register:

1. Choose one date you’d like to attend from the list opposite
2. Please complete the form below in full - but please don't register on the morning of the training date chosen

3. Don’t have access to email, please call: 07507 482375
Register separately for each person attending

Please note.
> We’ll confirm by reply if your chosen date is free

> If your selected date is full, we’ll ask you to select another date
We can accommodate up to 6 persons per training session
> Each session is a stand alone training event

> It's first come first served with dates, so be quick!

What do I need to attend:
You DO NOT need any items to attend these sessions. You are welcome to have your smartphone camera at hand. Please don’t purchase additional items specifically to attend these sessions.

Thanks. Registration Sent.

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Robert Aitken Filmproduction


In partnership with The Habitat People

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