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A beautiful early vintage heavy silver Marcasite set floral bouquet spray brooch. The brooch is studded throughout with six faceted rose-cut Marcasite stones. All the marcasite stones are intact and non-replaced. Due to its relative low hardness stones often get damaged or lost on Marcasite jewellery. Many later made similar brooches are also set into metal paste. This however is a fully detailed Marcasite brooch rendered in heavy silver, circa. 1940’s

Tip. Be very delicate cleaning Marcasite jeweller as small stones can can loose and get damaged. Be also careful of chemical silver cleaners on the surface go the stones. A cloth with a little warm soapy water is ideal.

‘Marcasite Jewellery’

Used for millennia, marcasite is a gemstone that features in many distinctive jewellery pieces. The term ‘marcasite’ generally refers to jewellery set with the semi-precious stone, but also to jewellery made from silver with tiny pieces of its chemical twin, pyrite. Marcasite creates a uniquely intricate design that is instantly recognisable, and it’s for this reason it’s such a sought-after vintage gemstone.

Marcasite was first used in jewellery as far back as ancient times, with Greeks, Thracians and Egyptians featuring the stone in their embellishments – Cleopatra herself was said to have worn marcasite. Incans also used both marcasite and pyrite in their jewellery and tools of ritual sun worship, such as plates and mirrors. Aside from this, marcasite jewellery has been found in burial chambers all over South America.



In excellent condition overall with no lost, replaced or damage parts. The silver, heavy and beaded throughout, is intact. The Marcasite stones retain all their sparkle. Some light surface patination as expected of vintage silver.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.


An outstanding complete Marcasite brooch in heavy vintage silver.


Materials: Silver and Marcasite
Size: 4cm in width x 6.5cm in height
Era: Vintage (denotes anywhere from 30 to a 100 years old)

Stamps: ‘SILVER’

'Image dressing'
Hunters fine yarns in Coral Herringbone, Brora
Cross Bedded Sandstone, Navadale Beach, Helmsdale

Vintage Silver & Marcasite Floral Spray Brooch, circa 1940’s