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An intricate engraved pair of Indian, handmade silver, mini ‘Naag’ altar snakes. The markings on the front and rear of the cobra's hood characterise the Indian cobra, also known as the 'Spectacled Cobra', as they resemble a pair of eye glasses/spectacles. - Perfect for your own altar or display with some candles and incense or just anyone who loves snakes.

Naag comes from the Sanskrit word naga, which means cobra or snake. It lives in a variety of environments, both wild and cultivated, including savannas, grasslands, mangroves, scrublands, and tropical rainforests. It can also be found in populated areas such as villages and cities. The cobra holds great significance in Indian culture and features in Indian mythology. The Hindu god Shiva is often depicted with the serpent king Vasuki around his neck.


In excellent condition overall with no major issues. There is a single red stone missing from each cobra eye, but this doesn’t detract from the overall presentation of the pair.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.


Characterful pair of Naag altar snakes from Indian mythology


Material: Silver
Size: Height 7.5cm x Width 7.5cm x Depth 4cm
Weight: Approx. 10.6g & 10.8g
Era: Vintage (denotes anywhere from 30 to a 100 years old)

Stamps: None, but test as silver

Please note. Additional items in the images are for display purposes only. This includes vintage jewellery boxes.

Vintage pair of Indian silver mini Naag altar snakes