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This pendant was designed and made for Chinese export and features sumptuous Cannetille silver work of superior quality. The centre is mounted with what is testing as a semi-precious red stone, possibly a Coral cabochon. The whole pendant has an overall rosette motif design and comes with a silver chain

‘What is Filigree and Cannetille Jewellery?’
Jewellery that features cannetille work is often mistaken for filigree detailing, as the two have several common features. Cannetille work is adapted from a style of fabric embroidery; featuring wire and metal sheeting crafted into delicate twists. Filigree detailing is much the same, with the key difference being the forms made by each style of wire/metal work. Where filigree jewellery is a single layer that lies flat, cannetille work often takes 3 dimensional forms, such as domes, flowers, shells and scrolls.


In superb original condition overall with no scratches or damage at all. The silver Cannetille work is intact and retains all its integrity. The central red stone is flawless.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.


A superior silver work pendant that oozes flavours of Asia.


Materials: Silver and what is testing as a semi precious stone, possibly Coral
Diameter: 4.5cm
Era: Vintage (denotes anywhere from 30 to a 100 years old)

Stamps: Asian silver hallmark

'Image dressing'
Hunters fine yarns in Coral Herringbone, Brora
Cross Bedded Sandstone, Navadale Beach, Helmsdale

Vintage Chinese Cannetille Red Stone Silver Pendant