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A striking large oval stoned authentic Tigers Eye (chatoyant gemstone) brooch set in a generous gold plated border with the Greek Key geometric design encircling as Neillo (an inlay technique in which the grooves made in silver or gold are made black in colour by the use of a composition of metal sulfides). Due to its mourning style heritage I see it dated around late Victorian. The stone is highly polished to give a sumptuous, silky luminosity.

Tip. This brooch is designed to be worn horizontally to display the 'Tiger’s Eye' effect to its fullest.

‘The Tiger’s Eye Story’
Tiger’s Eye – or Cat’s Eye – is the name of a very unique and mystical looking gemstone that resembles a feline’s eye. Its colour ranges from light to dark brown with shimmering bands of golden highlights and its refraction of light creates a stunning gleaming effect. As a metamorphic rock, Tiger’s Eye goes through a transformation caused by extreme heat. This is what gives it such beautiful colouring.

Tiger’s Eye has fuelled the imagination of mankind since it was first discovered by ancient civilisations. Thought to be a symbol of strength, confidence, bravery and good fortune, Roman soldiers wore this stone for protection when they went to battle, usually in their breastplates. It was hoped the stone would also give them the strength and patience of an actual tiger. The gem was also worn to shield against forces of evil. It was said that Tiger’s Eye could ward off wicked curses and keep the wearer safe from ill wishes.

The Ancient Egyptians were also in awe of this visually striking rock, believing it to be one of the most prized gems of the Nile River Valley. According to legend, the stone held the power of the midday sun, the hottest time of the day. Pharaohs and other high-ranking aristocrats wore jewellery carefully crafted from Tiger’s Eye believing it would give them power, vitality and strength. Egyptians also saw the stone as an ‘all-seeing eye’ and used it to make eyes for the statues of gods. Tiger’s Eye was even placed in the tombs of pharaohs in the hope it would help them to navigate the afterlife.

Overall condition to the stone is excellent with no chips, cracks or repairs etc. The brass border has no outer dings or damage. The black enamel has a few minor surface nicks and a very small nick to the beaded inner rim.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.

An early and unusual Egyptian revival inspired Tiger’s Eye brooch


Material: Chatoyant gemstone, gold plate on brass and enamel
Size: 4cm length x 3cm width
Era: Late Victorian

Stamps: None

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Tigers Eye Greek Key Neillo design brooch, circa. late Victorian