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This bracelet was designed and made by jewellers Cathleen and Kostas Anatoli. This piece is an early example from the late 1980’s with a silky, silver mesh body centred by three raised domes interspersed with faux turquoise stones. There are flowers motifs engraved on all the solid silver parts. There is a strong influence from Bohemia and even shades of Etruscan revival. It has an unusual screw-pin lock for both ends to close.

Anatoli Jewellery

‘We design jewellery together the way we do everything together. The way we cook, the way we parent, the way we create in general, always as a team. There is an initial concept, and then a lot of back and forth as it is fine-tuned, and then a lot of excitement as it starts to feel right. It is a journey, the end result always better than either of us would have done alone. That’s the beauty of it. It is not free of struggle and strife, but I do not think that any creative process ever is. Our different cultural backgrounds lend a richness and complexity - I grew up in Woodstock, New York, and Kostas grew up in Athens, Greece.’

In excellent original condition. This piece was crafted using tradition methods and any irregularities that appear are part of the makers process.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.

A wonderful evocative bracket that evokes flavour of the Ottoman Empire.

Materials: Silver with faux stones
Size: 18.5cm length x 9mm width
Fit wrist comfortable: Up to 17.5cm
Era: 1980’s

Stamps: None, but tests as silver

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Silver and turquoise foxtail mesh bracelet by Anatoli, circa. 1980’s