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A wonderful cut Scottish orange, or apricot, agate as a single large domed cabochon brooch. It bears all the hallmarks of the Edwardian era with its lustre and more adventurous size. It is subtly chamfered around the lower circumference, which sets its off so well. A stone that will work well with just about any other colour of material.

‘What is Scottish Aagte?’

Hundreds of millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions caused lava to flow and cool over large areas of central and western Scotland. Most Scottish agates formed in the spaces created by gas bubbles trapped in the cooling lava. The bubbles or cavities acted like moulds, which were then filled or partly filled with a mixture of different silica minerals. The cavities formed a variety of shapes; some were stretched and distorted by the partially molten lava, while others were squashed flat or partially joined together. The material that forms agates is more durable than the surrounding rock, which can weather away after millions of years, leaving the agates behind. Orange (incl. Apricot) agate is known for its calming properties and associated with Gemini, Virgo, and Aries in astrology.


Superb condition overall. The agate is lovely and clean with no chips or dulling to the surface. The catch is nice and solid. Some very light age related ware, only really seen under direct light.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.


A beautiful Scottish apricot agate brooch known for its calming properties.


Materials: Silver and Scottish moss Agate
Size: 4.6cm length x 3.5cm width
Era: Edwardian
Stamps: None

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Scottish domed Apricot Moss Agate brooch, circa. Edwardian