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This wonderful brooch is made from polished inner deer horn that is fashioned in to double opposing ‘Tigers teeth’. The horn is then set with a gold plated central holding bucket and topped with a Scottish thistle motif. Given its style heritage, ware and simple original ‘C’ catch I date it circa. mid-late Victorian durng that Raj era.

'Deer Horn Shedding'

Deer antlers/horns naturally drop annually in late winter, typically January through March. The dropped antlers are called ‘sheds’ and the process does not hurt the buck. From spring through summer, the antlers grow back and are usually bigger than the previous year. From August through September, the antlers lose the velvet encasement in preparation for the whitetail breeding season. The breeding season is know as ‘rutting’ and it occurs from October to early December. The cycle then repeats. 

In very good untampered, original condition. The horn is excellent with both points intact. The gold plate has worn in places but this only adds a charm to the overall look and aesthetics of an aged horn-made piece. It will be left unpolished.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.


A one-off example of an evocative Scottish Horn brooch-pin.


Materials: Scottish Deer horn and gold plated base metal
Size: 4cm length x 3cm width
Date: Mid - late Victorian
Stamps: None

Please note. Additional items in the images are for display purposes only. This includes vintage jewellery boxes.

Scottish Deer Horn and gold plated brooch-pin, circa. Victorian