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Featured here is an evocative piece of Art-Deco luggage, circa. 1900, by Henry Burton & Co. This Crocodile leather classic suitcase has brass handle mounts, two lockable brass double lever locks and a high quality deep blue silk fabric that lines the interior. It is arranged with side pockets and several housing compartments for travelling accoutrements.

‘The Henry Burton & Co. Story’
THE shutters came down for the last time in 1997 for a Glasgow institution which has supplied clothes to the rich and famous for 150 years. Henry Burton & Co Ltd., of 111 Buchanan Street, was established in 1847, when India was still being run by the East India Company. It began as a shirtmakers, glovers, and hosiers and, by the 1860s, entered the colonial trade supplying lords and Army and Navy officers.

The Henry Burton & Co. went on to become the kiltmaker for Queen Victoria's sons and the supplier of buckskin gloves to the future King Edward VII, and to make shirts for the Prince of Wales.

The relatively small shop, on a prime site at the corner of Gordon Street, can boast comedian Billy Connolly, the Beach Boys, members of the Kennedy family, and relatives of Bob Hope among its more recent customers. It is ironic that the advent of designer label shops is partly to blame for the demise of the company which did so much to put Glasgow on the map as places for fine, quality clothing.

Overall this suitcase is in excellent condition. The exquisite Crocodile skin leather has all of its integrity with only a single thin outer line break to the whole case, along the lower lid which travels most of the length of the case. The locks and handle are all strong and work without issue. The case has a developed a rich colour and patination through use that a leather case should have built-up during its life. The brass locks will not be polished, in order to maintain its age related appearance. It is lined with the highest-quality deep blue silk, which is in super order and shows no signs of a hard life. One of the housing compartment edge stitching has come away along one of its seams. There is currently no key available, but we will see if one can be acquired for sale.

Please the images as they form part of the description and condition.

An evocative piece of Art-Deco luggage fit to adorn any interior.


Material: Crocodile leather and brass outer and silk lining inner
Size: 60cm length x 40cm width x 20cm depth
Era: Late Victorian

'Henry Burton & Co., Glasgow' - on inner case lip
'M. Maitland, Glasgow' - on brass locks

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Large English leather suitcase by Henry Burton & Co, circa. 1900