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Presenting these original David Thow Bagpipes, circa 1880’s. The Pipes have been fully independently verified by a specialist from the Bagpipe Place Museum with a 14 point makers check including: scribe lines, Gabon ebony, full natural mounts, consistency of beaded bush and ferules, bell fountain, combing etc. All 14 x factors, and more, indicate the hand of the early period of David Thow. A full verification document will go to the new owner with the Bagpipes.

*Note. These Bagpipes are offered to the UK (United Kingdom) only*

'Thow Bagpipes'
Thow bagpipes over the years had very distinctive cord holders with a scribe-line. This is probably the most obvious feature that distinguishes Thow made bagpipes, though there were other makers that utilised similar features. The only real exception being if the cord guides were of a more ornate nature. The bass drone also usually had a single bead in the bass bell fountain, between the cord-holders and the bell. While other makers are known to have used similar features, in this case, the combination of these features is typical of Thow made GHB’s.


Thow Bagpipes are in wonderful complete original condition with no cracks, splits or damaged & replaced parts anywhere. The Gabon ebony wood is in correct order and the bores are all true and straight. The natural mounts are in excellent shape with no major chips or damage and the silver/nicol plate slides are very good and non-dented. There is some surface some ware and aged related patina, to be expected with Pipes of this vintage. There is the odd surface nick here and there throughout and the natural mounts vary in colour, again, to be expected with older Pipes of this era.

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A wonderful early set David Thow Bagpipes in fully complete original and undamaged condition demonstrating the high quality of workmanship by this fine Dundee based instrument maker.

Early David Thow Bagpipes, circa 1880’s (UK only)