Light Caller

Inspired by Rob Aitken’s poem 'I am the Light' - Light Caller is a thought provoking cine-poem that spreads the message that the human species is a single entity. The film was produced utilising actual NASA footage with additional scenes filmed in Highlands of Scotland.

As Aitken explains; “Light Caller doesn't so much ask questions about who and what we are and our place in the universe, but rather sees that we are all made of star-stuff. Man's quest to the heavens is a yearning that has been passed down an ancestral line of cosmic creation since he could gaze up at the night sky. His destiny is out there somewhere - in the womb of his planetary soul.”

I am the Light

I am the light

of all that is and was

I am the life

to all the cosmos

I am the stellar

scattered flash

I am the ice trail

in a solar dash

I am the face

that waxes and wanes

I am the crescent

turning whole again

I am the burst

on the morning plain

I am the gloam

until dark night reigns

I am the lamp

no bushel can hide

I am the torch

to travel as your guide

I am the twinkles

on winter tress

I am the children

with festive glee

I am all around

At home, work and play

I can never leave

Even when you say

I cannot be banished

I can never die

I am in you

And you, I

I am the light

a far-reaching ray

I am the caller

who will never go away

For every blessed soul

A flicker is lit

For heavens above

We are all part if it

I am the light

of all that is and was

Eternally glowing bright

For I am the light

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