The LORE FILM PROJECT is a new international film project devised by Scots director and producer ROBERT AITKEN. The project aims to create and present a series of micro-films inspired by genres and themes of folklore from around the globe. International partners are now invited to collaborate and co-commission films which will be distributed and made available to through a free-to-air public streaming.

LORE FILM PROJECTS micro-films currently in development:
COVES: The ritual marks found in the Jurassic caves of East Sutherland
SYMBIOTIC CITY: The relationship of plants and man made buildings in Aberdeen
FASHION & FOLKLORE: Enlightening Scotland's unique textile & fashion industries
THREADS FROM THE DEEP:  The work of tapestry artist Joan Baxter
Our relationship with technology and it's impacts on us


Folklore holds a wealth of knowledge about people and ways of life, past and present. But as a mass of mainstream media seeks to envelop us at the start of this new decade, what future role exists for Folklore - is there a place for the ancient wisdom of Lore in this ‘smart’ world of ours? The LORE FILM PROJECT advocates that filmed narratives in lore are one of the best formats to communicate a story, or message, with relevance today - to use the medium of film to engage people to reconnect to the enlightening, amusing and often chaotic aspects of humanity. Traditionally, lore allows us to explore a richness of oral and literary sources: to learn and instruct ourselves about diverse lifestyles and issues. In harnessing digital technology, filmed lore has the power to shift people's awareness to a different vibration, to that of a primordial, instinctive kind of know-how & message. This will allow more people of all ages to connect to the enlightening, amusing and sometimes problematic facets of humanity. In this changing and unsettling political and societal landscape The LORE FILM PROJECT offers unique opportunities to combine the art of traditional storytelling with filmed narratives to provide a deeper strata of message for a new generation and offer relevance to audiences across the globe in the 2020's.



  • The exploration and revival of folklore traditions

  • Diverse film and production techniques

  • Engaging with local communities and groups 

  • Connecting local to international audiences

  • Offer various strand opportunities for involvement

  • Public screenings for ‘Year of Scotland’s Stories’ in 2022

ROBERT AITKEN is a poetically driven filmmaker who looks at how the human condition has been transformed by, and adapted to, diverse difficult life circumstances, how we treat each other and the land we all share. ROBERT has already produced several works taking aspects of Lore as inspiration. His short film LAST FOOTSTEPS OF HOME explores the female gender role during the early 19th Century, exploding many myths about the identity and lives of women at that time. LIGHT CALLER, by contrast, is a modern tale about how our insatiable quest to reach the heavens is a yearning from humanity's earliest beginnings. ROBERT is currently working on sharing a range of stories from diverse cultures to audiences around the globe in a new international film project, The LORE FILM PROJECT.



Co-commission a Micro-Film
We are now inviting partners to co-commission the making of a micro-film inspired by any folklore story, theme or conceptual narrative.
Micro-films will be jointly funded with us working with you as partner to help source the filming & editing costs. Filming equipment hire and management costs will be covered by the project.

Recommend an existing folklore themed film
You can recommend a completed film that either you, or someone you know, has created for inclusion in the Lore Film Project online playlist.
Recommended films need to be have full permissions from creators for inclusion and be available to be added as a live online link.

Host a Screening Event
Organisations are invited to host a Lore of the Land public screening event for commissioned micro-films with a Q&A session.
Screening events will be jointly funded with host partners providing the venue and audio/visual facilities. The project will supply the micro-films and keynote speaker.

Request a Project Presentation / Conference Paper
We now have a project presentation plus a conference style paper that orgs and groups can now request. Both presentations detail that filmed narratives are one of the best formats to communicate a story, or message, with relevance for the 2020’s. Both presentations last approx. 25mins - 1.15hrs and include digital slides, a montage film clip & project film samples.
 You can download the conference paper overview here

If any partner wishes to seek external funding, LORE OF THE LAND can assist by contributing of a letter of support and a budget breakdown for your application.

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