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Think iconic WW2 Pilots Watch and you might have this image

WW2 Luftwaffe Tutima Glashütte Officers Chronograph:

Gilt Works Model


In 1939/1940, under the management of Dr. Kurtz, the first German two-pusher flyback chronograph was manufactured (calibre 59). This chronograph was sold under the name “Tutima.” Tutima is derived from the Latin word “Tutus” which means “safe” or “protected.” These chronographs were produced for the German government. As WWII ended, the factories in Glashütte were destroyed. As part of war reparations, machines, parts, and operations of UROFA-UFAG were taken to Russia. Russians produced these chronographs for some time.

The 1940’s Tutima Flieger Chronograph with calibre 59 was housed in a nickel-plated brass case with screw-down case back, to ensure that the manually wound movement was safely protected against damage. The lumed numerals and hands ensured excellent contrast and superb legibility, while the coin-edge rotating bezel with its unique red reference marker enabled precise times to be set for the pilots/navigators.

UROFA-UFAG produced approximately 30,000 of the Tutima Flieger Chronograph, which are now much sought after collectors’ items. (206885)


The Tutima pilots chronograph wristwatch remains the iconic watch of WWII. This robust good looking watch sums up everything about military watch collecting - hence its desirability amongst collectors today. The double-button, Luftwaffe chronograph pilots watch, with nickel-silver case, revolving milled bezel with 'red line,' black dial with digits 1-12, 60-second, and 30-minute subsidiary counters. The Tutima trademark and Glashütte name positioned beneath the 12.00hr digits.

Reverse with typical screw case-back bearing serial number ' 206885'. The inside to the screw on case-back stamped, 'WASSERGESCHUTZT BODENEDELSTAHL' and 'UHRENFABRIK A.G. GLASHÜTTE (Sa).' The typical mid-series movement retaining the silvered brass bridges with polished, steel mechanism. Fine balance with screw-in weights. Please note this is the gilt verse works edition.

ref. For further information on Tutima Luftwaffe Chronographs see: World War II German Military Timepieces, Volume 5. This serial number (206885) shown on page 36.


Case in good overall condition. The nickel-silver finish is mostly worn showing the brass typically exposed on the moveable bezel. The winding crown is correct and showing plate ware commensurate with much use. The original black dial in excellent condition and with good patina and has the Tutima logo clear & sharp. Case-back is also in excellent condition with the serial number visible.


- The chronograph pushers covers are missing and will need replaced

- The watch at this time is not working but winds freely. The watch needs a service and some parts added (see parts box image)

- The chronograph works when wound which suggest the works are sound but need serviced and some parts added

- The second hand and one of the chronograph hands are not on the watch currently. They are in a box of watch parts and will need re-attaching


I estimate for all the above work to be carried out at by a competent watch specialist approx. £1-1.5k Sterling. The watch would then have a market value of between £8.5k+ Sterling. Remember, this is the Gilt Works Model, an even rarer version of an already rare military watch.

I am now inviting offers to acquire this wristwatch as a 'PROJECT' Military Timepiece.

(Free tracked shipping worldwide)

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