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Watch this 'ground-up' series
of online tutorials:

All the videos in my 'smartphone filmmaking' series are now in one easy to find playlist

These step-by-step tutorials will give you everything you need to start shooting films using your smartphone. Each clip contains an easy to understand instructional component and a practical demonstration all aimed at taking your smartphone filmmaking skills to the next level.


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Discover how your smartphone can be a powerful filmmaking tool:
With mobile devices now able to shoot 4k video, these pieces of kit are more than capable of creating stunning results with the right skills and accessories. In this session you will discover how your smartphone can be a powerful filmmaking tool to help the environment.

Join Scottish film-maker and media content producer, Robert Aitken, who will guide you through a series of masterclass tips and secret tricks that will improve your smartphone filmmaking. This session will include:

> Introduction to smartphone filmmaking

> Smartphone filmmaking tools

> Guide to filmmaking apps

> Smartphone film-making techniqiues

> Session notes to take away

What you will need to attend:

You DO NOT need any items to attend this session. You are welcome however to have your camera ready smartphone at hand if you wish.
(If you are unfamiliar using your camera app. please do not purchase additional items specifically to attend this session)

This social media sustainability toolkit session is a great flexible session for smartphone filmmaking providing all levels of users and participants with a step-by-step guide to producing your own smartphone films and running your own smartphone filmmaking training session.

Session suitability: individuals, small groups, group leaders in education & training etc.
Session format: Online zoom session (private link sent to you) & group sessions
Session length: 1hr maximum

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This training session is for anyone who plans live, virtual or hybrid events and wants to better promote social media content to local, national or international audiences. In the last year we have seen an unprecedented increase in social media usage and there is an increasing need to create engaging, and exciting social media content.

Scottish media content producer, Robert Aitken, will guide you through this masterclass that will improve your social media campaigning skills.

This session will include:
> The best and the worst social media campaigns
> How to structure a social media campaign
> The power of narrative and a good story
> Arranging your posts for each social media application
> Post-campaign action and outcomes

If you’re struggling with social media uptake and interaction, get some great best practise tips that will help your campaign stand apart from the rest and be more environmentally friendly.

This social media sustainability toolkit session provides all levels of users with a step-by-step guide to creating effective social media campaigns.


Session suitability: individuals, event planners, campaign managers etc.
Session format: Online zoom session (private link sent to you)
Session length: 1hr maximum

Micro-films are a fantastic way to get attention for a climate related cause or campaign. These 1-3 minutes films are created in one day ready for you to add to your social media platforms and help raise awareness of important issues. You can also build-up a set of micro-films to engage and attract audiences over a longer campaign.

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 Climate Action Mico-Films

Climate Action Mico-Films

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Robert Aitken is an independent writer, film-maker and producer of creative media. As founder of Robert Aitken Filmproduction he has delivered projects & training to individuals and organisations throughout Scotland and international. His highly acclaimed films have garnered him as a narrative driven communicator who illuminates through the exploration of the ecstatic truth of human actions.

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