through the lens


create filmed stories using your mobile phone

led by filmmaker ROBERT AITKEN

no previous experience needed


A 'ground-up' series of online tutorials:

When you book a session you get access to a set of 8 x micro-tip support videos to help you start shooting films using your smartphone. Each clip contains an easy to understand instructional component and a practical demonstration all aimed at taking your smartphone filmmaking skills to the next level.
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These film tutorial sessions offer an opportunity to broaden your creative lens to develop filmed stories with poetic narratives, explore myth and
lore as powerful visual methods of imagining and delve into the roots & craft of poetics in film. They are inspired by the creation of a new ecopoetic film, The Dreaming Bog, by filmmaker, Robert Aitken, which explores our turbulent human-nature relationship.

We are each born with a unique way of seeing the world, a lyrical lens through which our visions and dreams exist from our fears, struggles and responses; expressions of our imagination from prehistoric cave paintings to illuminated manuscripts and street-art graffiti to our posts on social media platforms. These tutorials allow you to unlock your own creative lens of self-expression to create filmed stories using your mobile phone camera.


Micro-films are a fantastic way to get attention for a climate related cause or campaign. These 1-3 minutes films are created in one day ready for you to add to your social media platforms and help raise awareness of important issues. You can also build-up a set of micro-films to engage and attract audiences over a longer campaign.

For updates & news of online training events follow Robert Aitken Filmproduction on facebook

Robert Aitken is an independent writer, director and producer of creative and filmed projects in Scotland and international. He was past director of not-for-profit Piping Arts Ltd. and founder of MWB Productions.
He specialises in communicating the lost, or often forgotten, stories of peoples and their plight over the years to present day. His work often asks questions on society, environment and our future as a species. His music, films and project work have garnered him as a narrative driven storyteller and educator.

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